Sunday, September 22, 2013

After two weeks!

Almost after two weeks, I have returned back to my abode to express my real self. This is the only place where I feel limitless and completely free to put across whatever I want to share. Nobody is here to judge and evaluate me, except for the ‘grammar check’ which helps me to articulate my ideas even better. But, along with the little exaggeration above, I must also confess that I have few readers in my mind while I am writing this. As the ‘cool’ professional writers, I can’t say, “I write for myself and with no intention to impress anyone”. I think, everybody has at least one heart, except his/her personal one, who they want to communicate with.

After I stopped writing my daily diary, I have started taking a Swedish language course of 7.5 credits which is optional and will not be included in my mark sheet. However, I am taking this course to learn some basic Swedish words/sentences which could help me to start some basic conversation with the Swedish people which will be useful for me if I am to work anywhere in Sweden. And, off course, successful completion of this course will also enrich my ‘language ability’ in my Curriculum Vitae (CV). I feel bad to think about CV all the time, but I have no options other than having a good CV to get into the job market. Besides the Swedish course, my review of book - State of Conflict and Democratic Movement in Nepal was published, this Sunday (15th September, 2013), in The Himalayan Times (THT). I feel very happy when I get published because, I think, each published piece is taking me closer to some sort of job that I will be vying for, back in Nepal.

We have added one dimension to our life style. Since 17th September, 2013, for the first time since our arrival, we have started to cook twice a day. Before this, we used to cook only once in the middle of the day and used to depend on bitten-rice, bhujiya and some other snacks for the survival. Thus, in between, we also went shopping to buy necessary items that we might require the following week. But, our decision of relying on cheap markets has proved fatal because all the 30 eggs in the carat turn out damaged and stink very bad. A greedy desire of saving few pennies in an egg has cost us SEK 40. Nonetheless, there are some good repercussions as well. We are now planning to do our shopping in ICA, the costliest market, where things look better and hygienic.

The classes are going smooth. The ‘Global Economy’ class demands a lot of reading but does not keep us anxious. The classes are so structured that we get to learn from our friends and course coordinators even when we don’t know anything. I was feeling terrible anxious about the hybrid session but the model in which it was conducted actually kept me at ease. However, at the end of the class, I came out knowing so many different things about the prominent economists that the world has seen. I really like the pedagogy of CEMUS. But, I am little unsatisfied with the way the course ‘Project Management’ is being conducted. One of the course coordinator, Ben Owen, who is coordinating the course for fifth time, looks real unmotivated and slow. The past week, we presented our project ideas in the class and he seems uninterested in any of our ideas. I don’t know why? I can’t do anything about his sluggish outfit except for expecting everything to go well. 

11 September to 21 September
Klostergatan16, Uppsala

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