Thursday, January 5, 2012


“I think this will be your last semester in KU”, Rajan Kathet explained, via. phone.

Back then, I was enjoying “hostel life” in Maitidevi. I was enjoying so hard that I "could not" attend class for nine days and this was not even the first time. The practice was same in the previous semester as well. Previous semester, here, means the first semester of Bachelor in Media Studies.

“I think this will be your last semester in KU,” the sentence repeatedly ran in my mind. I already felt like I did some serious crime but it was like “haagi sakyo dailo dekhyo", at that moment.

In a moment, I was towards Purano Buspark from where I could get a bus, back to KU. Rajan’s sentence came back repeatedly and I had already started thinking of the back-up plan to explain in home, in case, I am kicked out of KU for my irresponsibility. Everything started freshening up; all of my negligent behaviors were hurting me. I couldn’t think of what would I explain to my parents, in case, if I didn’t qualify for the end-semester exam.

I took a bus from Purano Buspark. The rays of impassioned sun were not affecting me, besides falling directly on my face. I could only think of excuses. My main difficulties were to talk to Ekku mam and Niraj Sir (C-Programming) because I had attended, only, eight classes of Ekku Mam and four classes of Niraj Sir, out of their sixteen classes.

Back to KU, I came to Rajan’s flat (Rajan’s flat because it was not the room I rented, my room was in 28 kilo and I hardly stayed there) and gathered information about the classes to come. Rajan explained that we had NMA Sir’s Viva and Pandey Sir’s presentation. It was also the final day of Euro Cup 2008 and my final day too, in some sense.

We had to give presentation in chart paper so I bought one - a small one because I did not have enough money. Taking time, I read all of the dates I needed to know for NMA sir’s viva. In the night, I even managed to see the final between Germany and Spain, which Spain won.

Back in the class, tomorrow morning, I talked to Ekku Maya Pun, she excused me with some threats, and Niraj sir did the same. However, I had to give the missed internal exams up to July 8 while our final exam was from July 10.

Although this was not the turning point of my life but was the real triggering event, which later made me a regular student and now since fourth semester, I am yet to leave a class. I am very happy with what I have achieved today and what I am. However, the bus ride from Purano Buspark to 28 kilo is still the longest path I have ever covered.

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