Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Yet another lousy day

Yesterday was yet another lousy day that I have spent in Uppsala. Yes, we had a class but only at 6 PM. So, we spent whole of our day, surfing the internet. I am not sure, but, in facebook, I most have added, messaged and talked to some new Nepali people living in Stockholm with a hope of finding some works through them. Our hope knew no bound here and keep on travelling from one person to another. We desperately want to work during our spare days and make some money to buy some gifts to our relatives and friends when we go back to Nepal. The other and the most important reasons for our desperateness to work is the amount we can earn. The money that we could possibly earn here in 6 months, working 8 hours a days, can’t be earned even in 3 years in Nepal. So, the desperateness is obvious. Let’s see, what future has for us in its stock!

Night Photography for Mobile Camera ;)
Except for searching Nepalese in facebook, I also tried, without success, to skim through the reading materials provided to us for the class scheduled at 6 PM. The class was an open lecture titled – Denying our planetary boundaries: How do we avoid bankrupting nature? by Hanna Wetterstrand from Stockholm Resilience Centre and Anders Wijkman who is the co-president of the Club of Rome. Horsal 4 in the Ekonomikum was full in response to the lecture organized. The speakers highlighted the problems of looking development purely from economic angle and accentuated the need of bringing-in ecological economics into development perspectives. The main idea of the lecture seems to invoke students about the need of new paradigm for development. The lecture was successful in its pursuit.

With few minutes still remaining to the formal ending of class, we came out of it and marched towards the room. On our way back, we stopped for a while, near a road and try to take some snaps in the name of night photography. My mobile camera seems to be better than Kamal’s in case of night photography and I am happy about it. In addition, this fact has also given me some confidence to use my camera more frequently. Otherwise, I always feel bad to take out my low quality mobile to take low quality photos. Yes, I know this thing doesn’t matter but this is my growing up and my mind can’t let go these complexes evaporate easily.

Back to our room, again, we had nothing to do. So what? We logged on to the internet and tried to catch-up with the fast moving world. Futile attempt, I know. But, job markets all across the world want their employees updated about the world happenings. On the other hand, I am so habituated to some of the website like facebook, gmail, ekantipur, nagariknews, espnstar and cricinfo that I, probably, can’t even sleep well without visiting the aforementioned websites at least once a day. Global villager!

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