Sunday, September 8, 2013

Walking to remove Boredom

Just after completing the diary about the third day of September, I have jumped into writing about the fourth day. Never in my life have I written diary continuously for about two weeks, this is the first time. I feel good about what I am doing because I sense progress in my expression ability and, at the same time, I also feel like I am writing a history which will be fun to read in later part of my life.

We didn’t have any classes yesterday expect for introduction and registration class for Global Economy: Environment, Development and Globalization at 5:15 pm. So, in the day time, we went towards the east, the only direction from the place we live, that we have not been to. However, the main motive behind walking was not to seen new places. We just wanted to go out in the open to remove our boredom created by our continuous stay in the room. We know, continuously staying in the same room, that too being confined to self, can easily make one feel lonely which is not good if continued for a longer period of time. Moreover, from Sangeet Dai, I have learned the importance of sunlight in keeping one optimistic about life. Out in the open, we laughed at different things that we saw outside, we talked about many beautiful girls who went past us and at last after we felt tired, we rested for sometime below the tree and then returned back to our room which fresh and happy minds. 

Back to our room we cooked our dinner and dined it. Then, at about 4:30 pm, we left for Blasenhsu where we were having a registration roll-call in Bertil Hammer lecture hall. The two coordinators for the course appeared young and smart, both from their dress-up and from the energy they we applying in introducing the course to us. In all, the class was fun. The most interesting part of the class, beside the fika break, was the drawing session where we were asked to draw a picture of ECONIMCS that we have in our mind. I could not draw anything in the given time and thus submitted a blank paper. While describing my ‘nothing’ with the fellow students, I told that I had remember demand curve in my mind while I was thinking of drawing what economics means to me but since I don’t want to read such stuff again, I left the paper empty to represent my approach for this new course. Oh! Smart I was. But it was a narrow escape. The Global Economy course seems to require a lot of reading and work as compared to the project management course and I am ready for that. On top of that, I am looking forward to both of the courses with curiosities in my mind. I hope that, all will be well.

Back in the room, we sent job applications in UNHCR and also in Norrlands nation and then we slept.
5th September, 2013
Klostergatan16, Uppsala 

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