Monday, September 9, 2013

In the Sea Shore

It was an off day yesterday and as decided earlier, we were going to a nearby sea, towards the north from the place we live. So, for the first time since we have arrived in Sweden, we cooked our lunch, ate it and then left for the sea at around nine in the morning. In addition to a bottle and a mug of water, we loaded our bags with chocolates, gums and mints that we had collected as mentioned in ‘collecting spree’. I was excited about the trip because I was going to a sea for the first time in my life and the other reason for me to be happy was an opportunity to walk which, I think, would challenge by growing stomach. Both of us are, somehow, convinced to continue walking in our day-offs but for different reasons; Kamal is sort of fit and he don’t have to challenge his stomach. His incentive to walk comes from the reason that he feels real low when he is in room.

The sea was almost 10 km from the place we live and along the same road where Biomedicinskt Centrum (BMC) lies. BMC is the same place which I visited a week ago to meet my buddy, Sangeet Lamichhane, a Ph.D student there. However, the sea shore is almost 8 km away even from BMC. So, this walk was to be our longest walk up till now and I don’t think we will go on a longer walk during our stay in Sweden. 
Lane separated for bicycle and pedestrians.
After we came out of the 2 kilometer radius from the CENTRUM (center of the Uppsala city), there was nothing by the side of the road expect trees and empty fields. A little ahead of BMC, on our way towards the sea, we saw one of the most renowned agricultural institutes of the world - SLU. But, even now, I don’t know what its full-form is and what the institute is so renowned for. I will find out it someday when I will have working internet in my room.

We continued to walk, towards our destination, on a well demarked path made for both bicycle and pedestrians on the left side of the main highway. For almost 4 km from BMC, there was nothing on the sides of the road. 
However, we could see some factories about 500 m away from the road. Kamal and I imagined about opportunities which would have allowed us to work in those factories; it seems that both of us want to earn something big in a short period of time. 

Industrial base outside the city of Uppsala.
After we crossed 6 km from the CENTRUM, we saw a well planned residential area, with beautifully built houses, on both the sides of the road. Many times, during my walk through the area, I imagined about having a home there. However, towards the end, I had to stop my wavering mind when we had to leave the main road to take a small way that would lead us to the sea shore. It was exactly 12 o’clock in the day time when we finally reached the shore. The shore didn’t look as elegant as I had anticipated. However, in the shore, we could see personal motor boats anchored in something that look like a boat station. And, nearby the shore, there were some elegant looking houses which exceeded the beauty of the houses that were along the road, in the residential area. 
Houses nearby the sea shore.

The houses were so attractive that I transformed my dream of having a house at residential area to having a house at the sea shore. Clicking photos of the beautiful houses, we kept on moving ahead along the small way that was leading us ahead. In between, we also ate some chocolates that we had brought. Finally, at last, when I was almost feeling too tired, we reached a big open space which was maintained as park. There already were few peoples nearby the shore who were busy swimming, sunbathing and doing their own stuffs. Even we lay down on the ground for about half an hour eating the remaining stock of chocolates we had for the day. It was fun taking about other people in Nepali language. We afforded to use any slang that we wanted to use for any person in the park.
Big open space maintained as park.

However, the most wired moment of the day was yet to come. It was shocked, when a girl changed her underwear in front of a guy just in the similar fashion as guys do. My god! I was shocked. But, I also felt something like – so what? Anyway, I would have appreciated the move, had my girlfriend done the same thing, out in the open.

After sometime, while the groups of peoples were still sunbathing and swimming, we left the place to get back to our home through the same way. Back to room, I eat some bitten-rice and bhujiya and slept at around 10:30 after writing daily diaries of two days consecutively and also after reading few pages from Chanakya’s chant.

6th September, 2013
Klostergatan16, Uppsala 

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