Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I Feel Respected

26th August, 2013

While I was trying to write the date, above in this page, a question has propped up in my mind – Which is the best time to write a diary to summarize the day you have lived? There can be three possible answers – in the morning, at night or you keep on writing through out the day, as and when you think it’s necessary. I usually write at night, just before going to bed; most of the people in this world, I guess, do the same. There are some people who write in the morning also. I have read ‘preface’ of a book on a political event in Nepal which was based upon a daily diary where it was explained that the diary was written in the morning ‘after the agitation settled down’. Similarly, there are peoples who write their daily diary through out the day. The daily dairies in ‘Jail Journal’ of B.P Koirala, to me, were written in this fashion. It seems like B.P Koirala wrote his daily experience in bits and pieces throughout a day. The way I am writing my diary now falls in the first type of category in the list mentioned earlier. I have no problems in writing my diary this way but, don’t you think it’s not a good idea to pour in feeling of pervious day in a brand new day which is yet to be lived and explored?

I am still in bed right now and it is 5:30 in the morning. My neighborhood is all silent and I can hardly see any people outside, not even in houses with ‘all-glass’ windows. The city is clean and peaceful with very limited population. I don’t exactly know the area of Uppsala but I had read in Wikipedia that the city has 150,000 inhabitants. There are wide roads all around the city and cycle-stand forms a part of it, everywhere. I am not sure, but I think that there are no less cycles than the number of cars and buses added together. Along with or separated from the roads, there are cycle lanes around the place in which all the people irrespective of their age, sex, profession are found cycling. What else! Yeah, the zebra crossing is interesting here. There is a special box attached to a pole which holds the light signal. In that box, there is a button which, if pressed, will turn on the green lights faster than it would do normally and in addition to that it makes a tik-tik sound while the green light is on. This example shows how much value is given to pedestrians by the government. And, I think that pedestrians deserve the respect because they are someone who is not polluting the environment for their own personal works. One additional thing, even the vehicle users seem to respect pedestrians a lot. I am deriving this synthesis from the distance they maintain away from zebra crossing and the zebra crossers. Moreover, the vehicle speed at zebra crossing is normally slow which also reproves the respect for walkers. And, the tik-tik sound that I have mentioned above is for blind people so that they can locate zebra crossing and know the time to cross the road.  

The number of students living in our block is increasing slowly. Yesterday, in the elevator, we found three other students living in 3rd floor of the same block where we live. Two of them were from Brazil and one was from Canada. We live in the top most floors i.e. 4th floor. Those students talked and looked interesting. But, I am looking forward to my classes. In the webpage of one of the subject that we are taking, I found a list of four books that have been recommended for us to read and it was also written that we have to buy those books individually. Oh! That will cost me a lot of money. And, yes, the guy from Hongkong will be studying the subject – Sustainable Development: Project Management and Communication along with us. In days to come, I think we will find some more students taking the subjects that we are also part of, in our own block.

Now, let me tell something about yesterday. From the Train Station, we went to super market. It is the same market where we had gone even the day before yesterday. Yesterday also, we tried locating cheap foods. At the same time we were also creating fun about different food items that we saw. The price of the food was the main topic of humor. It was fun. For now, we have been able to locate a bundle of eight cooked chapattis with price SEK 10. We have thought of buying it someday for our dinner. We also found rice in the supermarket. The cheapest packet of rice cost SEK 11 per kilogram. We have thought of buying that too. Finally, after almost one hour of roaming around the super market, we bought dish-wash and the scrubber for SEK 47. Back in room, we cooked noodles for our dinner and then we slept.

From today, our orientation week starts. Different nations and well as departments in the University are organizing various programs to welcome new students at Uppsala. We are meeting our international office coordinator today. She will provide us a sim card and our internet account in a day or two. The orientation week seems packed and so are the class days. I am looking forward to everything that will come my way. 

For now, since it already is 6:30, I want to stop.


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