Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finally! A Norrlander

Our routine for the whole semester are out now and our classes have been scheduled for Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It means that we will have 4 days of extra-time in a week. It was one of the extra-days yesterday and we didn't have any plans for it. But, the day came back to life with a mail, to me, from Sofie Grinde of Norrlands nation where she had explained that she and her colleagues are still hiring students for work. According to the mail, she needs students to work in the kitchen as chef, dishwasher, waiter and some other similar kind of works were also mentioned. In addition to her, her colleagues in pub and bar also need some students to work with them. We were excited about the positive reply from Sofie and with Kamal’s stimulation in addition to that took us to Norrlands nation. We talked with Sofie and found out that she really needs some students to work for her. Further, she was also ready to take us to her colleagues but we refused to meet any other person at that moment; we expressed our desire to stick to her at least for now. In return, she asked us to come back with a membership card of Norrlands along with a coordination number issued by tax office. So, for the coordinator number, we went to the tax office, once again.

We had already visited tax office a few days ago to apply for the coordinator number but our applications were not accepted because of lack of employer. This time, yet again, we didn't have any employer but a little ray of hope came from Sofie’s explanation about the non-requirement of any written letter especially when you intend to work in a nation. We almost repeated whatever Sofie told us to the women in the reception but still, she insisted the need of an employer. Tired, frustrated and dejected we were, but we thought of trying to apply for the number once again. This time, Kamal started filling up the form for him. After a while, we saw Brendan, the one I had introduced in CEMUS, in the tax office who have come there to apply the application number. After talking to him, we knew that the so called ‘employer’ that we needed so desperately could be anybody who have promised to give work to us. In our case, it was Sofie. So, Kamal mentioned her name and the Norrlands nation as his employer and filled up the form and submitted it. Kamal looked happy about the submission of application, however, like any other human being, he was already thinking about the decision of Swedish government on his application. Human mind!

After completing the work in tax office, we came back to Norrlands nation and became member of the nation; we had to pay SEK 280 for the membership. The women in the reception has informed us that our proper (plastic) membership card will arrive at the earliest in a week or sometime it might also take 3 weeks incase of delay. For now, we have been given a small paper to denote our membership with Norrlands.
With membership in hand, we hurried back to our room and returned back to the tax office once again. We had to come back to our room to take my residence permit card which was necessary to apply for the coordination number. Finally, at around the end of office time, even I was successful in applying for the number. The women, who had rejected my application before, didn’t even ask for my residence permit card while she accepted by application the second time. While accepting my application, she asked “So, now you have found your employer? Upon my positive nod, she took away the application exclaiming – “here is the end of your story.” In fact, I was also happy to have ended the story of coordination number in positive a way.

Back to our room, we just sat and converse about random topics. At around 10 pm, Kamal retired to bed and I came inside my room to read few pages of Chanakya’s chant.

7th September, 2013
Klostergatan16, Uppsala

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