Thursday, September 12, 2013


We got a reply from Upnet_S on our complaint about the dysfunctional internet in our room. In their reply via email, they have asked us to go to their office on Tuesday, along with our laptops. It seems that we have no other way than waiting for the Tuesday. In addition to this disaster, another catastrophe has also occurred – I have zero balance in my mobile now and have not been able to check my mail and facebook account since daytime, yesterday. I had to call the Upnet_S to explain about the internet problem we were facing in our room and because it took me a longer time to explain about the problem, every penny out of my total balance of SEK 17 was taken away. The relatively longer time taken was primarily because of their demand of IP and physical addresses of our computer which I didn’t know where to find. So, they had to help me with the ‘ipconfig/all’ process also. Even after and processes, I could not locate the IPv4 address in the long list that appeared in DOS. It took a little while for me to locate it. In sum, for 12 minutes of conversation, I had to pay Rs. 272. Shit!

The only time we went out of our room yesterday was in the morning during our visit to flea market.  This market has been prearranged to take place every Saturday behind the space of Uppsala Congress. As the literal name suggest, there were lots of second-hand materials in the market ranging from materials of daily use like clothes, shoes, kitchen utensils to higher class materials like guitars, laptop, DVD player, books, paintings etc. I looked for some books but could not find anything interesting written in English. Except books, I also watched out for some clothes and shoes that might be useful for me in winters but I opted to wait-and-watch – there is always a next time. The only fresh items in the market were vegetables. We bought a kilo of pumpkin in the market and then went to the nearby vegetable market, the same place where we had bought vegetables in the first week. We bought our stock of vegetables for a week in about SEK 81; it is the lowest you can spend for a weekly stock of vegetables. We are eking our existence!

Back to room, I wrote the daily dairy and read few pages from Chanakya’s chant. In the day time, at around 3 pm, Kamal cooked our daily food. After eating the food, I went inside my room and listened to all the 20 songs that I have in my computer and in the late-night, I revisited to some of the interviews of Vijay Kumar and then retired to bed. The 20 songs and the interviews that I revisited made me feel better but it has almost been a week since I have not slept well and yesterday was not an exception. Problems!!

8th September, 2013
Klostergatan16, Uppsala 

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