Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Caring and Kind Swedish

Finally at the end of the day, I have got some time to write about yesterday. I actually have separated morning time to write this kind of diary but, since I was busy writing a book review of the book ‘state of conflict and the democratic movement in Nepal’ I could not have enough time for this. In the day time, I was out in the city to open an account in NORDEA bank and in addition to that there was party organized by Uppsala municipality for university students in the same place where we signed up for a bank account. I will write about today’s experience in tomorrow’s note. Now, let me focus on explaining what happened yesterday.

Yesterday was just a regular kind of day. Through out the morning, I was hanging around in the internet. In the afternoon, we went for a walk, this time towards the east, I guess. I still have not developed the faculty to identify directions here. Anyway, on our way towards the east, we found yet another branch of Willys. In order to know the price they charge of vegetables and rice, we got inside the supermarket and discovered that the supermarket offers rice at cheaper rate. Kamal was so excited about the cheaper rates of rice that he was almost ready to buy Basmati rice which cost SEK 19 per kilogram. I calmed him down saying we should not try fancy things so early because if we get used with them than we might have to eat that costly rice through our stay here. So, finally, we agreed to by a packet of 5 kilogram of Jashmine rice which cost us SEK 70. We shaved SEK 5 per kilogram.

Out of the supermarket, we continued to march further away, along the road named Kungsgatan. This is the same road nearby which our room lies. In the end of the road, when the road divided into two directions – north and south, we stopped for a while, to see in the map where we were. However, before we had finished locating our position in the map, we saw a women coming towards us with smile on her face. At first, I didn’t believe my eyes and thus I looked towards my back to see if there were some other peoples for whom the woman is coming; there was nobody towards by back. But, once the women came near us and asked if we had lost the way, we were even more surprised. More than me, Kamal actually was blown away by the politeness and the care the women showed for us. We have, by now, experienced a lot of polite and kind Swedish people, but this was something too much. Even I can’t think of myself helping anybody to that extent. We replied the women saying that we were new in the city and have come here to study Masters in Development Studies in Uppsala University and we were just trying to locate our position in the map. After she knew that we were not lost, she suggested us a nearby area, near a river, that was worth visiting. We agreed to go to the place suggested by her in the near future and returned back to our room with a load of 5 kilograms of rice in my back. Who! It was heavy.

Back in room, we cooked our food for the day, ate it and then we slept.

31th August, 2013
Klostergata 16, Uppsala 

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