Friday, September 13, 2013

Beautiful moments over Fyris river

Finally, the internet seems to be working. It worked on my computer from around 8 pm yesterday, and today, Kamal is working fine with it. Kamal didn’t get an opportunity to use the internet yesterday because we have only one port in our room and two computers to use. In other days, to use the internet simultaneously on both of our computer, we used the software called ‘connectify’ and converted Kamal’s computer into a modem and my computer was connected to his via. wireless. Strangely, it worked. But yesterday, since I was afraid of losing the internet connection, I can’t allow Kamal to connect his computer to the port, where I was already connected. Had we connected Kamal’s computer to the port, then both of us could have used the internet through the ‘connectify’ software which has been stalled only on his computer. Anyway, I hope that we will not have to suffer from internet connection problem anymore. But, with the digital divide, also came a chance of minute observation about my self. While the internet was not working, I got an opportunity to know about my dependence on internet. My computer used to be ON most of the time when I had excess to internet but while there was no internet facility, I opened my computer only to write my daily diary and then shut it down.

Since internet in both of my device – computer and mobile was not working yesterday, the day was almost ‘dull’. Throughout the day, I either tried hard to sleep or read, except for the time when we vacuum our room for the first time since our arrival. This was also, effectively, the first vacuum use of my life. I never got an ‘opportunity’ to play with it before. Now, I know the science behind it and also the skill to play with it. And, the most joyful part of using the vacuum was when we tried to swallow a ball-pen cover with it. We had to try this stupid thing because there were, almost, no dust particles in the room except for a lot of hairs. The vacuum actually, with almost no effort, engulfed the cover of MAXWRITER.

It was almost evening when we came out of the room yesterday. There were two reasons: the first one was the zero balance in my mobile which forced me in digital divide and the second reason was the free university wi-fi in the university premises. We recharged our mobile buying a card of SEK 100; the amount which could easily have bought me a talk-time of 32 hours back in Nepal. This was already my second card in 15 days since my arrival in Sweden and I am sure I could not even talk for an hour with this recharged money. Shit happens!
Lights from a restaurant reflecting on Fyris River
After the story of recharge card, let’s quickly move on to what happened while we were returning back from University premises after using free internet. It was almost dark and in the Fyris river, which flows across and almost from the heart of Uppsala, we saw beautiful reflection of lights that came from a restaurant, in the bank of river. We halted there for a while, to capture the beautiful moments being created from the combination of light, water and off-course the dark. It was beautiful. Here, again, I missed the service of a good camera but thanks to my mobile camera which, at least, will allow me to share a faint picture of what I saw yesterday’s night.

Back to the room, I was happy to discover a working internet and so I used the opportunity to talk to my sister. She was amazed to know about high price of vegetables which could be bought for almost free in the part of the world she lives.

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On: 13th September, 2013 (10:11 am)
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