Wednesday, June 30, 2010

“How I Spent My Sixth Semester”

I couldn’t submit my assignment in time this semester, and most people would probably say that I spent my semester doing nothing. However, these people are sadly mistaken. In fact, this was the most productive time I ever had in my life.

To start with, I was involved as an important member of the newsletter team for the sports week 2010. We had to work tirelessly for 12 days for the regular and timely publication of the newsletter. Dacing in the midnight with other members of newsletter team is the most memorable part. Successful publicatin of KUSPORTS (sports week newsletter) was the remarkable achievement for the media students and we were happy to get appreciation for teachers and friends.

The other main center of my activities was organizing SAHAYATRA-an intercollege media studnets meet. Starting form zero i.e from collecting names of college having mass communication and journalism, we could bring as many as 22 colleges to Kathmandu University for the porgram. Thanks to all the friends who made it a grand success. SAHAYATRA has easily been the biggest event organized by the media studies student.

Moreover we are also occupied in a research which aims to findout readability of the nepali broadsheet dailies published form Kathmandu. The research is being directed by Asst. Prof. Nirmala Mani Adhikary of Department of Language and Mass Communication (DoLMC).

Basically, I had myself a good semester. It’s always a pleasure to help oneself grow in the discipline of communication. I wonder what new thrills lie in wait next summer.

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