Monday, October 26, 2009

Conversation with Puskar Shah in Yahoo.

This new post covers a conversation between me and Puskar Shah ( October 26th, 2009). I met him some two years back. Back then he was still on his World Tour and had finished travelling 125 countries.
At present he is in Nepal and have already completed his World Tour. He is now planning to climb Mount Everest in the month of May 2010 with the national flags of all the countries he have visited.
Since Puskar Shah is a maestro in cycling our friends (in KU) who are working for the "Cycle City 2020(Read More) have already asked him for help in the promotion of cycle. This way he can encourage and help many other youths to participate in these sorts of awareness campaign. I am expecting more form him and I know I am not the only one.

In Photo: Amol Acharya & Puskar Shah( from your left)

Here is the main part of the conversation(chat):

amol acharya: Dai, namaste

Pushkar shah: namaste

amol acharya: aastinai KU aaunu bhako thiyoooo hai

Pushkar shah: ho program thiyo.

amol acharya: i was in treking so could not meet u

Pushkar shah: yea.

amol acharya: and when are u going for the summit of everest?

Pushkar shah: baisakha ma.

amol acharya: And what are u plans here after?

Pushkar shah: i am in training.

Pushkar shah: climbing

amol acharya: Ok, what will you do after wining the everest

amol acharya: then?

Pushkar shah: writing book.

amol acharya: I konw that also, further?

Pushkar shah: aba KU ma manartha PHD lina aaunu parla.

amol acharya: haha

Pushkar shah: hahaha!

amol acharya: You can achieve that feat, can't you?

Pushkar shah: khai?

amol acharya: It's possible for you

Pushkar shah: University le chahyo bhane.

amol acharya: But it will take a bit of time

Pushkar shah: hai?

amol acharya: some more good social and development works

amol acharya: inspiring works

Pushkar shah: ho ni.

amol acharya: and then you will be eligible

Pushkar shah: ya.

amol acharya: Dai kitab chai chadai nikalnu hai malai padhnu cha ani dherai siknu cha

Pushkar shah: ok

amol acharya: Dai I have a question?

Pushkar shah: ?

amol acharya: After achieving and bringing reputatation of this level what are you expecting from the country?

Pushkar shah: nothing!

Pushkar shah: Tehi ho PHD.

Pushkar shah: hahahaha

amol acharya: haha

Pushkar shah: malai kehi chahidaina.

amol acharya: 11 barse Phd hai dai

amol acharya: Ani bhannu na aba k garnu huncha? Malai ta tapai yehi kathmandu ko bhid po haraunu hune ho ki bhanera dar lagcha.....

Pushkar shah: haina ma ta gaun janchhu.

amol acharya: Gau ma k garne?

Pushkar shah: ananda sanga basne.

amol acharya: Buddha pani buddhatwo paayepaachi ananda sanga baseko bhaye k aja santi ko nam rahanthiyo ra?

Pushkar shah: hai?

amol acharya: Tapaiko tetro anubhav ko k garnu huncha?

Pushkar shah: kitab ma rakhne ho ni.

amol acharya: Tyo ta thick ho, tara tapai royaltyko dokan thapera basne manchhe kashari hunbho?

Pushkar shah: khai heru ke hunchha.

amol acharya: 11 barsa ko plan banaune manche sanga 2 barsa paachiko plan chaina bhanera kashari manne?

Pushkar shah: kehi garnu parla ni.

amol acharya: Let me know your plan and can i post our conversation in my blog?

amol acharya: This will be a fun to the readers

Pushkar shah: sure.

amol acharya: Dai ani what about marriage?

Pushkar shah: khai?

amol acharya: I was making a new post of our conversation in my blog, so i was away for a while

Pushkar shah: ye ho.

amol acharya: Yes.


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