Saturday, February 21, 2009


Mythical stories are hard to believe. They may not have good scientific background to prove themselves right. But by one way or the other they are always linked to social norms and values and essentially contain moral lessons with it.

The story I am writing may not have scientific grounds to prove itself happened but according to my grandmother (the one who told me this story) all this happened once in our society. This story has always insisted me to choose the moral path in my life.

Long time back there lived a happy couple. Everything was going right in their relationship. Both of them used to work hard in their respective field. They used to work on their problems jointly to come up with a solution. They were very happy that their neighbors felt jealous about them. But they can’t end the series of happiness by any means. After sometime the couple gave birth to a baby boy. The baby was very much cute and lovely.

Now, one of the women in neighborhood (who was a witch) planned to kill the baby, to snatch away the couple’s happiness. According to plan, the witch killed the baby by some “tantra mantra” in such a way that she could only revive the baby if she wanted. The dead baby was buried near the house inside the coffin. All of a sudden the couple’s happiness was blown away. Though their relationship was not hampered but their daily routine was. The couple used to stay in their home without going to work thinking of their dead child. This results to economic crisis in their home. The couple spent many sleepless nights because of the death of their son.

One full moon night they happened to see a woman (in white sari) playing with a baby near their son’s graveyard. They quietly went near to the women to watch what was happening. To their astonishment, the baby with whom the woman was playing was their own son and the woman was their neighbor. It was not difficult for them to recognize the woman as a witch because her legs were turned backward. Soon they called a priest and the priest with his mantra easily took control over that witch and the living baby. Next day, the woman (witch) was presented in people’s court and after finalizing her as witch she was beaten to death.

In this way the couple got their baby back along with the happiness.

Conclusion/ Moral: Happiness is a state of mind not a physical appearance. It grows on our own fireside and is not to be picked from strangers’ garden.


nirmala mani adhikary said...

Dear Amol,
I am following your blog too.
Be regular to update it.

Basanta Gautam said...

We all have heard such stories in our childhood. I don't know about children now (they may be busy with TV etc) but we grew up with these stories.

By the way, the one with back turned feet might be called KICHKANNI. That one is different from witch IMO.

You have nice blog. Happy blogging!