Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sex Education & Sex Mania

Sex is not merely a pure and simple physical pleasure. It is healthy enjoyable experience which promotes emotional well-being of the human being and incidentally also helps in the propagation of the species. Sex is natural like birth, death, breast feeding, digestion, defecation and sleep.

But, sex is not taken and understood in the same way by today’s people especially in underdeveloped country like ours. Children in adolescent especially suffer this problem. Curiosity about sex exists in the mind of these people. Everybody runs after sex and end up the race collecting frustration and different sexual diseases. The major cause of these problems are lack of proper sex education and educators, lack of proper guidance by the parents and due to over attraction and attachment towards films which present sex as something which is very much significant in the love relationship. Most of all, teenagers take premarital sex as the symbol of westernization.

Informing young people about the parts of the genital system or their functions does not complete sex education. A girl may learn that an egg cell when fertilized by the male sperm produces the cellular matter for the growth of the new individual. A boy may learn night emissions are natural after a certain age or that masturbation is harmless. But these cannot help them to understand basic health hygiene or the risks of unnatural sexual experimentation. A girl/boy at sixteen has not learnt the importance of avoiding pregnancy. This is the problem we have been facing due to lack of proper sex education. Sex education has not been used in advising the young about the harm of arbitrary sexual indulgence. Young are not taught that sex is not important than other basic emotional needs such as love, security, and understanding.

It is interesting to find even in the so called progressive societies where teenagers have been taught about sex and family planning, teenage unwed mothers are on the increase. In our country, the increasing number of young infected by AIDS in the city area shows the attraction of young towards immature sex and its pleasure. The modern trend believes that sex is the ultimate form of pleasure and any taboo leads to mental abnormality. Today’s films are mainly focused on describing the eroticism and charm of sex. There is modern trend which bring to light negative aspects of sexual conduct as positive, something great and sensational. Unfortunately there is a new tendency to project deviant sex behavior as something sensational, something to be proud of. This value has diminished social responsibility, moral values and family needs.

Sex education and love is the only cure of this disease in young people. Sex education should include not only the physiological facts of sex and conception but also the psychological negative impact of nonjudgmental, unchecked, sexual license. It is also necessary to highlight normal sexual behavior within marriage partnership as most beneficial to physical and emotional health. Sex education must be combined with social, moral and emotional education. A young person who has had such a positive education will take sex as a pleasurable, valuable experience of life and relates it with love of family, home, children and the community.

It is high time to understand if sex is powerful; equally strong are maternal instincts, hunger pangs, filial love, the desire for creativity and human empathy. Sex needs to be projected as one of the pleasure, not as the only dominant one.

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