Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wrong we do, Right we don’t

Life grows in the glory of happiness and in the shade of sadness. The passage of life is uniquely different; whatever may be the standard of living, happiness and sorrow flows in the same quantity. Everywhere people cope up with sorrow and enjoy happiness. Is there any home in which one’s kin has not died? Is there any mind which does not contain the problems of past, present and future? From the date of birth, we live our life with the curse of death. But birth and death are just the two ends of the life’s journey. In between the length of these two ends, lots of difficulties, happy moments, and sadness knock our door. The tally of happiness in life always counts less than that of sorrow or sadness. In short, life is mostly all about missing expected and facing unexpected. But have we even thought about what made us happy and what was the reason behind the sorrow we faced?

If we think, and think up to the root of cause then we can come up with the conclusion that, it’s our jealousy that made us happy and sad. One cause and two affects. It may sound irony but it’s the truth. Our life always swings in the rope pf our jealousy. We become happy whenever our desire takes a physical shape or gets fulfilled. In the same way whenever life does not run according to our wish we feel sad. Thinking properly we can know that it is not our desire it’s our jealousy. Have we ever prayed for others happiness before ours? Have we ever helped others with the money allocated for the Navy Jeans in the supermarket? Have we ever thought about others before ourselves in a group accident? So, desire is either the synonym of jealousy or the scarecrow of jealousy.

For making the consideration more authentic lets discuss some of the facts about life. These days love tops the list of cause for both happiness and sorrow. We become happy with the arrival of love and sad with the departure of the same. Only two words arrival and departure are enough to swing our life from light to the dark. We crave for the moments with our beloved one. We yearn for the tender touch of our beloved ones. We enjoy in the imagination of the upcoming beautiful moments with our adored and when there comes a brake in between the motion and the gear we feel setback. Isn’t it jealousy? Had we been little aware about sorrow, which is the other part of life and stopped craving too much about the beautiful days to come, we would not have fallen in the ditch of sadness. Linking jealousy with love has made love impure in today’s world.

Similarly respect becomes the cause of sadness and sorrows in our life. We want it to be delivered to us. We feel like being respected from every corner. We want cheering for the work we have completed and if by chance somebody or nobody respect us for the same, we feel sad. What about the impatience? Operating the cause of every sad and graceful moment up to the bottom we can come out with the handful of jealousy dissolved in it.

If we happen to work without thinking much about the fruit or feedback we may not be sad. If we happen to love (a state when one feels like-may all be happy) without craving much about the physical part we cannot be sad. The only escape through all sort of sorrows are forgiveness and equanimity. Everybody must know happiness is a state of mind not a physical appearance. It grows on our own fireside and is not to be picked from strangers’ garden. Believe that, nothing is permanent but the change.

So, are you doing the right?

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